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A trio of courses designed to equip small groups and individuals to reach out to and disciple people of Muslim background

Courses are a great way to be equipped for your mission. Whether you thrive in a group discussion, or prefer quiet study, there is a course for almost everything. 

The Trio

We have produced a trio of courses which aim to equip you and your church reach out to your Muslim neighbours more effectively. 


​An interactive, non-specialist course in six-sessions. Friendship First helps Christians approach their Muslim friends with confidence by equipping them to be an effective witness to Jesus Christ.

Friendship FIrst >

Joining a church community is difficult for a believer from Muslim background. Joining the Family equips your church to welcome them so that they can be a significant and enriching part of the family.

Joining the Family >


More Muslims are coming to Christ around the world than ever before. Come Follow Me UK (TBC) is a course specifically designed to help these new believers to become disciples of Jesus.

There are loads of other great courses available from some of our partners in mission. Scroll down to see some of them.

Kairos Course

God’s heart is for all people from every nation. Kairos unpacks this in the light of scripture, history and what God is doing today.

Jesus Through Asian Eyes

There are questions, issues and sometimes misunderstandings about the Christian faith. Discover the person of Jesus through they eyes of Asian culture.

Crossing Cultures

Help your church begin to unlock the possibilities of reaching the people on your doorstep

Explore Course

If you are heading for cross-cultural mission service and need some flexibility in your cross-cultural studies, All Nations' Explore Course will be ideal for you.

Encountering the World of Islam

Are Muslims open to the gospel? God is at work redeeming those we have often wrongly feared. Find out how to have a part in reaching Muslims with the gospel.

Full Time Study

Some of us are called to go deeper by studying cross-cultural mission full time. There are some great colleges where you can do that, here are just a few:



You can find more great courses at