Our team

Who are we?

Here are some of the people that you may meet:

        Steve Bell            Gordon Matthews         Grace Penney           Alastair McIver         Dawn Macaulay

      Ministries Director    Strategic Development Director          Director                    Head of Fundraising         Personnel Co-ordinator

     Shirley Weston           Duncan Watts            Gareth Eyton             Marty Parker            Nicola Aylett

   On Track Co-ordinator       Long Term Co-ordinator      Finance Assistant       Personnel Finance Officer   Personnel Co-ordinator

      Alan Howell               Hamah Davis              Dan Challis               Eddie Foulkes             David Riding

        Kitab manager                Executive Assistant          Connections Manager    Mission Mobiliser - Resources    IT Co-ordinator

   Natalia Lorincz            Ellen Cooke             Ian McCammon            Jayne Foster               
Personnel Manager    Office Manager        Finance Controller    Personnel Director     

35 GB&I team members:

Over 900 Full Time Partners working cross culturally overseas:

Our Ambassadors:

Tabitha Webb

West End lead, singer, actress, director

Andy Reed OBE

Former MP for Loughborough

Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Musk

Area Bishop for North Africa, author of ‘The Unseen Face of Islam’

Gary Streeter MP

Member for Plymouth Sutton

Rt. Rev. Bishop John Went

former Bishop of Tewkesbury

Pippa Greenslade

Group HR, Bakkavor Group

Prof. Ram Gidoomal CBE

Founder of South Asia Concern