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Meeting Muslims in the prophet’s stories

A former Pope rightly said: ‘Wherever truth is found, it is the Lord’s’. It’s thought that 23 of the 26 “prophets” mentioned in the Qur’an are biblical.

Social media – chosen tool of terror?

The newly elected British government is setting up a “Commission for Countering Extremism” to work on everything from creating new criminal offences to fostering better social integration.

Who says Muslims don’t condemn Islamism?

Over the past 20 years the national conversation about British Muslims has moved in the right direction. We now separate the “Islamist” from the “ordinary” Muslim. To realise there are “bad” and “good” Muslims is a helpful step on the national journey to ‘social cohesion’. 

God’s works but not where we expect

In this guest blog (originally found on, Andrew Smith reports on churches in Muslim communities around Birmingham. He reflects on the ways of God in “his” mission in the world.

You, your Muslim friend, and Jesus

Talking about Jesus with our friends can be challenging. Whether the person we’re talking to is a close family member, a friend we know from the gym or someone we sit next to every day at work; finding the right words to express our faith isn’t always easy.

#LondonAttack – ‘Enough is enough’!

If we tried to understand Jesus through the behaviour of the IRA we would end up in ‘cloud-cuckoo-land’. Yet while it’s harder to deny the causal-link between Muhammed and the behaviour of Islamists, the link needs to be nuanced by Christians otherwise we become part of the problem ourselves.

Any Dream Will do - What's yours?

In those heady years before I discovered the joys of fundraising, I headed up the comms brief in Interserve, and in those days, the strategy included a requirement for us to become better known.

#Manchester - An Open Letter to Church Leaders

Dear church leader,

Following the atrocity at Manchester Arena on Monday, what can we, as ministers, say this weekend? After 40 years’ experience among Muslim peoples I offer some context below.


Manchester Arena – the ultimate bullying tactic

ISIS is like a wounded animal lashing out with venom against a perceived enemy – the godless West. Its online recruitment of disaffected ‘losers’ (i.e. a Trumpism) is working in that it has turned one sympathiser into a collaborator with deadly effect at Manchester Arena on 22 May.  


I woke up this morning stunned. Over the past few years there have been attacks, in Paris, Brussels, Nice, London. But now, my city. Now Manchester. 

Praying through Ramadan

We all know that feeling at the start of a new year; Christmas celebrations are over and many of us have had these celebrations with family. These can be a mixture of remembering Jesus, God with us at carol services, along with fun, stress and tension on very busy days.

Enemy of faith in public space

Another casualty of the ‘liberal left’ is a Christian prison volunteer forced to resign for quoting the Bible in a chapel service prisoners chose to go to. Once again aggressive secularism tips its hand as a greater enemy to Christians than Muslims ever were.

Mobile Mission: The Modern Way

I’ve heard it said: ‘What do prunes and missionaries have in common? Both go into dark places and do good’. The traditional image of a missionary was David Livingstone in a pith helmet. It emerged in the 1800s during colonial expansion as commerce and mission endeavour flowed from Europe.