God's Plans are Better than Yours

I have a friend and a fellow youth leader who is due to go on her year abroad to China this coming September. In preparation, she had to choose three universities as her choices and she found out earlier this week which university she got accepted into.

While she was making her choices, she knew her first two choices without hesitation. However, when it came to her third and final choice, she wasn’t sure of which university to choose. In the end, she put down the most prestigious university in China as a “filler”. (Her words, not mine!) At this point, she had no plans to attend that university, or even to get in.

Then she received her results. She told me her first feeling was ultimate confusion. She had been accepted into the most prestigious and renowned university in China – Tsinghua University, also known as her “filler” choice. That is where the confusion kicked in. This meant that her first and second choice had rejected her. The universities that she was planning and hoping to go to, said no to her application.  

My friend researched more into Tsinghua University and slowly accepted the fact that that is where she will be spending a year of her studies. What she found was a confirmation that actually, this university, the one that she didn’t plan to go to, is in fact where God wants her.

What did she find?

A church. Located right on the university campus.

As you know, China is on the World Watch List for persecuted Christians and as a result, being a follower of Christ in China proves difficult. Many worship in secret and attend underground churches.

However, the Haidian Christian Church suited on Tsinghua University campus, is thriving in its worship sessions and the believers of Jesus that attend.

Finding a church during her year abroad was one of my friend’s worries but God had His way to make that happen.

My friend being curious decided to research possible churches that were linked to her first two university choices. What did she find? Nothing.

How amazing are God and His plans! And who are we to even doubt them?

If you are in a similar position of uncertainty, let go of your own ways and your plans and trust that God has plans way bigger than you can ever imagine!

Considering mission overseas? Trust God. Trust Him through the application process, visa grants, finance, accommodation, working situation, safety, even the access to a church and fellowship!

After all, in Proverbs 16:9, it says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

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Rachel Lee is the Assistant Mission Mobiliser at Interserve! She loves all things purple, pandas, working with youth and being a part of God's kingdom.