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Long term mission

partnering for 3 years+

The Bible tells us to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19). This is no small ask and we all know that this is not something that can be achieved over night - especially in some of the hardest countries. This requires significant, long term investment into people's lives. That is why people are using their careers and giving their lives in long term mission.

Getting Started

We think that God has blessed us with skills and passions that we can use in long term mission to serve the poor in Asia, the Arab world and Great Britain. However, we may not have the knowledge or sight to see where and how we should use them. 

The best first step is to sit down and have a chat with someone. We can help you to realise where you can serve and give you a good idea about what may be involved for you to prepare before you go. 

Is this right for me?

Long Term Mission is an investment and is not something to go into lightly. We think it is important that if you are considering this, you are fully prepared and as ready as you can be for what comes ahead. We ask that all enquirers can say yes to the following:

  • I am over 18
  • I am a Christian with a personal relationship with Jesus and living an active Christian lifestyle.
  • I am actively involved in a church.
  • I agree with Interserve’s values and statement of Faith
  • I am aware that Interserve does not offer fully paid positions but that I will need to raise some support.
  • I believe my church will support my application to Interserve.
  • I am looking to serve humbly in mission.
  • I am a candidate of character and integrity.
  • I am aware that this is often a long process.
  • I plan to bring my spouse and children with me (if married)

If you do not agree with any of these then it may be that Interserve is not the right choice for you. If that is the case then we wish you all the best for the future. 


Interserve England & Wales operates under a Personalised System of support. This means that Partners are required to raise the money which they will need in order to cover the actual cost of their service. 

For more information or to explore what long term mission could look like for you, contact us.