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On Track

Short Term Mission: 2-12 months

At various points in our lives many of us are challenged to get involved in missionary work. You could be looking at doing a christian gap year, engaging in mission on your medical elective or exploring how the skills you've learnt as a student can be effective in mission.

On Track, our short term mission programme, is for those wanting to serve the peoples of Asia and the Arab World to make Jesus known. Short Term Mission Trips are available for any time from two months to one year and are arranged on an individual basis depending on your specific areas of interest.

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Our main short term programme. An opportunity for people who want to seriously explore mission and what it could look like for them to serve long term. A full experience which explores cross-cultural mission in both a UK and international setting. The programme will consist of the following elements:

UK placement (two weeks): 
  • full missionary training orientation which involves serving in a UK setting which is similar/connected to the overseas project.
  • begin a journey with a mentor who will spend time talking through relevant issues.
  • learn about cross-cultural mission in the UK 
Overseas Placement (two months to a year):
  • serve in cross cultural setting alongside an Interserve partner or team
  • continue to receive on going support from a mentor 
Follow up (two days):
  • spend time with a mentor reflecting on the placement and planning your next steps.



Do you have a medical elective coming up? If you see your elective as more of a medical mission trip, then get in touch. We offer 'mission electives,' aimed at people who have the opportunity to do an elective and want to use it as a chance to explore medicine in a mission context and whether that may be something God is calling them to in the future. 

We have hospitals in developing countries across Asia where you can develop your medical skills while learning about cross cultural mission. However, please do apply in advance as spaces are restricted.


If you have been on a Short Term placement before and feel that God may be calling you back then we can help. Whether you want to return to the same country/project or a similar one, we can get you somewhere suitable without the need for repeating pre-placement orientations.


Time frame: 4 to 8 weeks

This is a condensed version of On Track Connector specifically designed for people who are studying at Bible College or university. An opportunity to put into practise elements of cross–cultural mission and work through mentoring and practice. 

You will spend time at a UK based project and have an opportunity to join a 2 week overseas mission trip.

In the summer of 2015, I spent two weeks in Southall, London, followed by a further six in India as an On-Tracker. This programme provides a unique insight into mission in the UK and further afield, and has massively helped me to explore my longer-term plans. Southall gave me an exciting introduction into cross-cultural living, as it is an area ablaze with different religions, ethnicities and traditions. Time spent with Interserve mission partners helped to prepare me culturally, emotionally and practically for my experience in India, and while I was away, I knew I had people praying for me who knew exactly what I was going through. I cannot stress enough how integral and valuable this time was for my personal development, and I can’t wait to go back and visit!

How it works

People's Experiences

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Basic Interserve fee: £600 plus £50 per month
Health clearance: +£300 for placements over 6 months
Elective fee: £350 plus £50 per month
So, it will cost £900 for 6 months and £1200 for 12 months
These do not cover visas, flights, food and accommodation which will vary depending on your location. If you need help putting together a budget then let us know and we will help you. Depending on where you go and your needs, costs can differ dramatically. However, here is an idea of what we think that the total you may need to save may be:
Average 1 year: £6,660
Average 6 months: £4,030
Average Elective: £2,220
Get in touch for more information or to explore what an On Track short term mission trip could look like for you.